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Rekey Your Business

whether residential or commercial locks.  Rekeying Commercial Lock & Door can save you money by rekeying each cylinder on every lock and provide you with new keys.  No need to purchase new locks each time and for each door.  Simply call Assurance Home Inspection Services and schedule your commercial rekey service today.


Rekey Your Business


To Rekey, a lock is to change the internal workings of a door lock so the old key cut no longer opens the lock. The lock is reset to work with a different key cut. The deadbolts, knobs, and hardware are not replaced—only the internal mechanisms that accept the key. Rekeying home locks is a cost-effective way to ensure your home or rental property is secured. There are many situations where a residential Rekey is needed:

• Lost, stolen or unreturned keys.
• It keeps all your locks on the same key.
• Rekeying a home saves money compared to replacing the lock.
• A new homeowner who wants to ensure no one else has a key to their home.
• Tenant turnover of a leased property.
• Complies with local or state property codes.


What's included with this service?

  • Re-keying home door locks

  • Creating and supplying new keys



1 Key: $69.95

2 Keys: $79.95

3 Keys: $89.95

4 Keys: $99.95


What if I need more locks re-keyed or more keys
created then this service provides?

If you need more locks re-keyed or more keys created, simply let your service
professional know. He or she can provide you with an updated estimate, and you can
choose to accept the offer before work begins.

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